Open Banking Gateway

Complete PSD2-compliant connector that provides a simple and consolidated interface for accessing most payment initiation and account information services of banks.

The challenge

While third-party payment providers (TPPs) can use banks’ payment services and account information to offer new and innovative services to account holders, interacting with a range of different bank APIs can be an expensive and time-consuming challenge because fintechs have to implement a separate connector for each bank. In Germany, the online banking standards HBCI and FinTS first set out to address this issue.

Meanwhile, authorities in Europe released PSD2 which has become a standard across the whole of the continent. And yet although PSD2 mandates that European banks provide APIs, and despite many efforts by market initiatives to provide common standard interfaces, there still remains a large number of different authorisation schemes and room for implementation options. For instance, a bank can even decide not to follow any of the well-known market initiatives and define their own PSD2-compatible API instead. This still means that it is still time-consuming for a fintech to access all bank interfaces independently. The situation is made more difficult in that there is no solution on the market that helps test connections to banking systems.

The solution

Open Banking Gateway is the solution that enables fully PSD2-compliant payment initiation and account information services with full connectivity to banks. This is achieved through using new interfaces in line with PSD2 as well as transitional solutions in line with HBCI / FinTS and integrating all common PSD2 specifications such as Berlin Group, Open Banking and STET.

Using Open Banking Gateway as well as adorsys’s implementation options, every organisation can access customer account information and initiate payments on behalf of customers, provided that the customer has given their consent and authorised the TPP to do so.

As adorsys has been independently endorsed as an account information and payment initiation service, various implementation models for third party providers that have been approved or are still being approved will be possible in the future. This means that new business models can be tested at short notice, and the full potential of PSD2 can used right from the get-go.

Open Banking Gateway brings together the modules required to retrieve account information and trigger payments. The X2SA adapter guarantees access to interfaces of all banks in Germany and in large parts of Europe that have had to provide access to account information and payment transactions since 14 September 2019 in accordance with the PSD2 directive. With the help of the HBCI component from adorsys, Open Banking Gateway can connect to and operate both HBCI processes and X2SA interfaces. Using HBCI and X2SA, Open Banking Gateway can connect to banks that have already switched over to PSD2 and to those that are still using the current interim solution 2FA – in line with HBCI / FinTS.

Open Banking Gateway uses adorsys’s Datasafe to store customer data in a GDPR-compliant way to protect against any internal or external mass data breach.

The adorsys ModelBank allows your organisation to simulate access to banks and use a very powerful instrument to do regression testing on your applications.

Continuously enriched with current PSD2 specifications such as Signing Baskets, Request to Pay or Pay Later, we are up to date with the latest open finance guidelines.

The benefits

  • One product that enables up to 6 different payment activations and that queries and analyses account information
  • Open Banking Gateway can be implemented directly into existing IT infrastructure (Plug & Play)
  • A single source for product and technical implementation, supported by adorsys expertise
  • Fast implementation possible in the future through the temporary use of the adorsys certificate
  • GDPR-compliant storage of personal information such as account information in adorsys Datasafe
  • Extensive range thanks to an adapter that meets all PSD2 specifications, connects to all relevant banks and therefore ensures high availability for end users and their data
  • Fast and continuous updates of the X2SA adapter based on prevailing market conditions
  • One interface – many possibilities: Berlin Group, STET or your own XS2A interface can be integrated into one interface
  • Modular architecture: Adapter can be integrated using REST interface as a HTTP interface or using a Java library
  • Use of various interfaces (XS2A and HBCI) and therefore extensive coverage and application options in banks’ heterogeneous system landscapes
  • Smart analytics categorises and classifies account data to enable a better use of the information and to recognise contracts
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Are you ready to get started?

Access the Open Source project in GitHub for more information.

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