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For over 18 years, we've been at the forefront, offering comprehensive lifecycle support for businesses venturing into digital transformation projects or seeking assistance with designing and scaling data-intensive applications.

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Being innovative means setting standards

By actively participating in significant committees, we establish industry-wide benchmarks and further broaden the business opportunities for our clients.

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Always together. With our outstanding team, customers, and partners.

We firmly believe that every partnership, regardless of size, is a valuable component of our ecosystem and essential to enhancing everyone’s quality of life.

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We provide digital excellence

Our solutions aid banks, insurance firms, financial service providers and fintechs in developing fresh digital services through Open Banking. Additionally, we assist our clients across the whole digital transformation journey. Our professional services allow for smooth customization and integration of our open source products into existing IT systems.

Our Services

Our Banking and Open Finance Frameworks:

  • XS2A Core
    Providing APIs that comply with current PSD2 and upcoming PSR/PSD3 regulations for accessing bank account information and initiating payments in Open Banking.
    Learn more about XS2A Core
  • ModelBank
    Full simulation of an open banking interface. TPPs and FinTechs can experiment with self-defined test data and operating environments for financial applications.
    Learn more about Modelbank
  • DataSafe
    Secure and protected storage of encrypted account information and other confidential data, compliant with GDPR regulations.
    Learn more about DataSafe
  • QWAC Assessor
    On-premises solution to validate and match TPP certificates against TPP license records from the EBA registry.
    Learn more about QWAC Assessor
  • XS2A Compatibility Test Kit
    PSD2-compliant with an XS2A testing suite that adheres to the NISP test specifications.
    Learn more about XS2A Compatiblity Test Kit

Transformative Tales:
Real Stories of Digital Success

TeamBank AG

Making multi-banking easy for easyCredit

With its easyCredit product set, TeamBank AG has become the liquidity management expert in the Volksbanken Raiffeisenbanken co-operative financial group. As early as 2000, TeamBank was first to offer loans that could be approved online instantly.

Success Story of TeamBank AG


New digital B2B receivables management ecosystem

The majority of retail and service companies face the daily challenge of collecting outstanding, non-performing customer payments. Reminders have already been sent – but the invoice has still not been paid by the debtor. This is followed by a costly and time-consuming process, via debt collection or the judicial route.

Success Story of FOMA


Accelerator for sustainability and mobility

We were very happy when we were approached by a young start-up which wanted to develop an integrated sustainable mobility concept, benefitting cities, local councils and their citizens.

Success Story of Wikimove


Permanent contract change without hassle or paperwork

The startup WechselGott, with their app in the same name, wants to provide users full control over their contracts, insurance policies and payments. WechselGott takes charge of cancelling unneeded contracts as well as the management of ongoing contracts. The app helps users manage their finances with minimal effort, thanks to a modern and innovative interface.

Success Story of WechselGott

Datev eG

Development, infrastructure and operation of the first B2C application KLARTAX

With around 40,000 members in the tax, accountancy and legal professions, DATEV eG is one of the largest technical information services providers in Germany. Until now, the name DATEV has been known primarily in the B2B sector.

Success Story of DATEV eG

Sparda Banken

PSD2 readiness as a catalyst for Open Banking

Originally founded as Sparda Datenverarbeitung eG (SDV-IT) back in 1983, Sopra Financial Technology GmbH has acted as the central IT service provider for Sparda banks ever since. August 2019 saw the merger of SDV-IT with Sopra Financial Technology GmbH and the company continues to serve its client base as such.

Success Story of Sparda Banken

Bundesagentur für Arbeit

Containers without Kubernetes

Based in Nuremberg, the German Federal Employment Agency provides services for the employment market, in particular job promotion, job placement and the management of unemployment benefit.

Success Story of Bundesagentur für Arbeit
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