Emulates Open APIs so you can create bank accounts, trigger payments and experiment with data

The challenge

The Payment Service Supervision Act mandates that account providers offer regulated access (X2SA) to online payment accounts for third-party card issuers, payment initiation service providers and account information service providers – all in accordance with PSD2.

However, as a bank, how do you allow TPPs to test PSD2 open APIs?

And how can a TPP develop its own system that connects to the open API interface?

The solution

Our ModelBank takes care of this part of the PSD2 compliance!

The ModelBank is an isolated sandbox environment where processes between TPPs and banks can be tested. The aim is to improve the user experience before a bank’s production system goes live.

Using an intuitive user interface, the ModelBank allows direct access to bank APIs and TPP test certificates as well as the management of test accounts – without having to use any real-life account data.

Our solution is continuously getting updated and is specifically configured and installed through workshops together with us. It comes with all the modules you need to become sandbox PSD2-compliant, including X2SA interface, bank account emulation (ledgers), TPP user interface for account and user management, online banking user interface for testing, test certificate generator and a developer portal that offers comprehensive instructions.

As the X2SA interface forms part of our X2SA core solution, the sandbox environment also comes with support for multi-level SCA, multi-currency accounts and other features.

The benefits

  • Comprehensive PSD2 test service based on Berlin Group standards
  • Option to create test certificates
  • Emulates banking system with account data
  • Personalised UI for account and user management
  • Our solution is continuously updated to the latest standards

Are you ready to get started?

Access the Open Source project in GitHub for more information.

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