Scalability, quality and attractive pricing

adorsys' smart shoring models enable you to incorporate individuals, various skills, complete teams, and diverse skill sets into your projects.

Smart Shoring at adorsys


Borderless teams offer limitless possibilities

From single-person skill augmentation, to blended teams, to dedicated teams, to build-operate-transfer, the world of smart shoring offers many opportunities for IT as well as cross-cultural understanding and personal growth.

  • By adding an adorsys delivery manager, we keep your effort and involvement at the level you decide.
  • So you can focus on what you do best – adding value through business expertise and project integration into your organization.
  • We take care of organizational challenges such as talent search, interviewing, negotiating, contracting, onboarding, teaming, distributed and agile work methods, etc.
  • With our hand-picked and well-established partner network in Eastern Europe and select international offshore locations, adorsys provides you with highly motivated, educated, and experienced talent to scale your teams and projects, or to initiate projects that you might have postponed due to talent shortages, all without compromising quality.
  • Start projects that have been delayed due to lack of staff
  • Focus on your strengths and let the adorsys Smart-Shoring Coordinator take care of organizational and methodological issues.
  • Highest cost efficiency by adding adorsys Smart-Shoring services from Philippines, Africa or South America
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Successful project

D365 CRM implementation

“Within 5 months we were able to analyze and document all user and product lifecycle journeys together with the customer and to start into the implementation project in parallel.”

  • Our client was planning to migrate their current CRM to Microsoft Dynamics 365.
  • Although this very popular and customizable off-the-shelf software is not part of the adorsys standard technology stack, we were able to easily contract with a premium  partner company in Bulgaria that was able to provide two very experienced senior D365 consultants in less than a month.
  • We even had the option to add a D365 consulting or implementation expert to the team on a monthly basis.

Successful project

Scaling velocity by adding team capacities

  • Our customer’s backend project needed additional capacity at an affordable cost to increase the number of agile stories that could be implemented per sprint.
  • With English as the project language, adorsys offered Smart-Shoring teams from a premium partner in Poland.
  • adorsys provided architects, requirements engineers, lead developers and a Smart-Shoring coordinator to support the client in onboarding and integrating the new colleagues.
  • Together with the client’s project manager and architect, we manage the team and ensure constantly increasing velocity and outstanding quality.
  • The client is more than satisfied with the collaboration and has continuously increased the team size.