Information Management

Journey to an Information-Driven Company

Data management, data democratization, and data governance are key to enabling your organization to become an information-driven enterprise.
Semantic models capture the ground truth of your company and guide the AI to remarkable results.

Information Management at adorsys

The Advantage

Tailored Data Architectures

Our expertise extends beyond providing tools; we are committed to architecting sophisticated, distributed, and domain-specific data structures tailored to your unique needs.

Our role as integrators involves guiding you in selecting the optimal stack of tools and meticulously designing your data workflows.

  • Tailoring information management to your unique needs, we guide you through data strategy formulation, tool selection, and the complete data lifecycle.

  • Practical Innovation: Balancing innovation with practicality, we specialize in identifying impactful use cases for cutting-edge technologies, ensuring a smooth transformative journey.
  • Semantic Models for AI: Elevate AI models with our expertise in developing and integrating semantic models, increasing intelligence and efficiency.
  • MLOPs for Java-AI Synergy: Seamlessly integrate ML and DL into software development with our MLOPs approach, bridging Java and AI for enhanced technological outcomes.
  • Efficient Data Storage: From traditional databases to modern tech, we optimize data storage solutions, collaborating with leaders like Confluent and MongoDB for IT infrastructure excellence.


A Blend of Tradition and Innovation

    • Our goal is to ensure your IT solutions are not just efficient and scalable but also prepared for the challenges of the future.
      Our philosophy at adorsys revolves around integrating tried-and-tested methodologies with innovative practices. This approach ensures we provide comprehensive, advanced, and efficient solutions in Information Management.
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Our Research Topics

We are actively researching

  • AI based generation of synthetic data using GAN, LLM
  • Optimizing automated ai-driven decision-making in the BP
  • Using LLMs to prevent SQL-Injection attacks

Feel free to contact us if you have further interest about our current research projects.

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