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Empower your software journey with our expertise. Discover DevOps, embrace teamwork, and scale to the cloud. Ensure security with Cloud Security & Compliance and streamline deployments with GitOps.

Cloud and Development Operations at adorsys


Discover the power of DevSecOps services for seamless software development

DevSecOps, short for Development, Security, and Operations, is an approach that integrates security practices into the software development lifecycle. It emphasizes security as a fundamental part of the development process, rather than a separate phase.

DevSecOps Services
Improve software development

Discover the power of our DevSecOps services for seamless software development. With a holistic approach, we take responsibility for the entire lifecycle of your software, ensuring security and efficiency at every step. Our unified services span development, security, and operations, providing a single point of contact for all your needs.

End-to-End DevOps Support
Empower development teams

Experience comprehensive DevSecOps support that goes beyond the technical. We focus on organization, communication, and an efficient toolchain to improve your development process. Our services keep teams aligned and productive, while secure solution integration keeps your software robust.

Embracing GitOps
Future-ready deployment

Our GitOps approach transforms deployment with a single source of truth. From deployments to infrastructure as code, you can expect consistency and reliability. Experience continuous delivery cycles and streamlined processes for efficient development.
Join us in revolutionizing software development with secure, efficient, and collaborative approaches.

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Continuous Delivery & Deployment (CI/CD) as an efficient DevOps strategy

Effective collaboration between development and operations teams is critical to successful software development. CI/CD automates processes from code integration to deployment, improving team collaboration and reducing errors. The optimal setup enables frequent code integration with automated testing, improves code quality, and minimizes debugging time.

The Goal

Transformation to Cloud

Transitioning to the cloud offers the advantage of reducing capital expenses, increasing operational efficiency, and enabling rapid scalability to meet changing market demands.

Well-designed CI/CD processes

A well-designed CI/CD process accelerates the delivery of stable code by automating build, test, and deployment processes. This approach contrasts with traditional, lengthy cycles and results in faster, bug-free releases. CloudOps enables rapid response to feedback, market demands, and security issues, ensuring competitive software.

DevOps capability for cloud transformation

Welcome to the future of business agility. Discover a seamless transition to cloud architecture, unparalleled monitoring, and identity management.

Cloud Architecture

Elevate your cloud journey with cutting-edge design, implementation, and optimization strategies. Go beyond “lift and shift” – we innovate your applications for the cloud era.


Strengthen your cloud environment with advanced monitoring. Optimize performance, strengthen security, streamline access, ensure compliance, and effectively manage costs.

IAM / Identity Management

Ensure the sanctity of your data with access control, single sign-on (SSO) efficiency, Keycloak integration, and proactive access and security monitoring.

DevOps excellence

Support your cloud transition with our DevOps capability. Embrace innovation, secure your digital assets, and experience the future today.

The Benefit

Multi-Cloud Efficiency Unleashed

Discover the power of DevOps tailored to your industry.

  • Multi-cloud agility
    Seamlessly navigate multiple clouds for optimal performance, reducing downtime and risk.
  • FinOps Mastery
    Streamline finances within DevOps to optimize costs while maintaining quality.
  • Knowledge Sharing Culture
    Foster growth through collaborative learning and stay ahead of the technology curve.
  • Efficient cost control
    Optimize infrastructure costs and redirect funds for maximum impact.

AWS EKS Premier Tier

Enhance your business with state-of-the-art EKS solutions

At adorsys, we have been leaders in cloud technology for over five years, with a strong foundation in Kubernetes. Since the launch of Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) in June 2018, we have expanded our expertise to specialize in EKS and are committed to continuous learning, innovation, and growth in this space.

Our commitment to AWS EKS isn’t just about the technology; it’s about how that technology can transform our customers’ development and operations environments. We understand that each customer’s needs are unique, and our experience allows us to tailor EKS solutions to meet your goals.

As we continue to embrace new developments in EKS, our focus remains on delivering solutions that are innovative, reliable, and perfectly suited to the specific needs of our customers.

Maximize your cloud potential with our expert AWS EKS project concepts that ensure scalability, security, efficiency, and cost control for your applications.

Protect your digital landscape with the latest cybersecurity measures to ensure information security and compliance.

We empower financial institutions and all enterprises with our experience in cloud transformation projects, streamlining processes and infrastructure architectures for growth and efficiency.

Ready to advance your business with AWS EKS cloud solutions?

Let us discuss, how we can transform your future!

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Cloud-Agnostic Development

Freedom meets Efficiency. Unlock application potential.

  • Cross-Cloud Operability
    Break vendor barriers; run applications smoothly across clouds.
  • Standard Tools Advantage
    Leverage familiar resources for efficient development and faster time to market.
  • Cost-effective innovation
    Drive creativity without tax worries and optimize resources.

Empower Your Software Journey

Robust Toolchain Management. Supercharge development and deployment.

  • Seamless toolchain control
    Build, test, and deploy software together for efficient processes.
  • Deploy with confidence
    Ensure reliability and efficiency from design to production.
  • Innovation Partner
    Increase innovation with dedicated toolchain support.