Blockchain and Distributed Finance

Building tomorrow's blockchain capabilities into your everyday systems

As distributed ledger experts in the banking and finance industry, we offer a full range of services designed to revolutionize the way you do business.

Blockchain and distributed finances at adorsys


We offer a variety of services to help your business leverage Web3 technologies

We expect blockchain and distributed ledger technologies to have a significant impact on financial institutions, asset or real estate tokenization, supply chain coordination, IoT payments, etc.

We are dedicated to educating the world about the transformative potential of blockchain, demystifying its complexities and empowering everyone to harness its power for a decentralized future.

We provide expert architectural and code reviews of your existing Web3 solutions, offering insightful feedback and actionable improvements to ensure your blockchain infrastructure is robust, efficient, and secure.

Whether you’re looking to build innovative business concepts around Web3 or improve your existing processes, our team offers strategic guidance and technical expertise to help you navigate the blockchain landscape and unlock its full potential for your business.

Leveraging our expertise in Web3 technologies, we can enrich your existing services and infuse them with the power of blockchain to create more secure, efficient, and future-proof solutions for your business.

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Thoughts from our brightest minds

I’m excited about the disruptions of the financial industry using asset tokenization, NFTs and blockchain in general. Through my year long experience I walk the line between the audacity of innovation and the pragmatism of real-world applications.

Don’t miss out on the unparalleled opportunities offered by distributed ledger technologies. Seize the future and get in contact with us today to unlock the full potential for your business.

Mario Bender

Mario Bender

Technical Lead

I have started my journey with Blockchain in 2016 during a university project with multiple insurance companies in Toronto, Canada. For me this was just a starting point and I did more projects based on Ethereum and some, which improve the usability and security of users when using the blockchain.

Blockchain has more possibities people often think. I would be happy to show you more use cases in a workshop for your specific business. Together we can find innovative, secure and effective solutions for your needs.

Andreas Winter

Andreas Winter

Technical Co-Lead

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A quick look at some of our projects

Advent Calendar

We turned the traditional Christmas countdown into a daily digital NFT drop.

Users could simply install a wallet and register on our site. Every day, registered users could unwrap a unique NFT surprise without having to hold any crypto tokens.

Prototype HR

We prototyped a use case that aims to innovate the onboarding process and issue employee IDs using blockchain technology and Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI).

Through a front-end HR and the Lissi app, employee ID cards can be issued digitally to a smartphone, providing a convenient and secure identification solution for employees.

Prototype NFT Marketplace

We have prototyped a marketplace that enables the issuance and sale of images as NFTs, providing a new way for digital art transactions. In addition, the platform also enables the tokenization of real estate, breaking up property into tradable units and offering a new perspective on asset ownership.

All participating owners can earn interest in Ethereum, adding a lucrative dimension to this blockchain experience.

Prototype NFTs

A framework for small to medium sized businesses to easily create NFT solutions for their own marketing strategies, sales management or online campaigns for multiple non-commercial or commercial purposes.

Users can register for NFT drops on the site and receive unique and randomized NFTs issued by the store owner. A private secondary market mechanism can be supported for a deeper customer relationship with the brand or seller. In particular, we have created a web service that can be used to buy and trade NFTs.


Let’s build tomorrow’s blockchain capabilities into your everyday systems

Discover the power of NFTs and verifiable credentials in revolutionizing digital identity management for the banking and finance industries.

Transform your financial institution with enhanced security and convenience, driving efficiency and benefiting both institutions and users.

Asset Tokenization will revolutionize the way assets are managed and traded within the banking and finance sectors. By tokenizing traditional and digital assets, crypto tokens can create new investment opportunities and enable seamless integration of diverse assets within a single portfolio. Increased liquidity and convenience will attract a broader range of investors and promote more efficient markets.

Don’t miss out on the unparalleled opportunities offered by asset tokenization; seize the future and get in contact with us today to unlock the full potential of asset tokenization for your business and investments.

Tokenization enables fractional ownership, which is changing the dynamics of investment in the banking and finance sectors. By tokenizing high-value assets such as real estate, artwork, or even shares in a business, crypto technology makes it possible for multiple investors to own a small portion of the asset. This increases liquidity in markets that have traditionally been difficult to access, while also making investment more accessible for smaller investors.

Don’t miss out on a diversified investment landscape and greater financial inclusion. Reach out to us today to learn more about our tokenization services and how we can help you stay ahead in the rapidly evolving world of finance.

NFTs offer a unique opportunity for institutions to help their clients monetize their intellectual property. By enabling artists, creators, and inventors to tokenize their work and sell it as NFTs, financial institutions can offer new revenue streams and investment opportunities to their clients.

Don’t let your clients miss out on this innovative way to capitalize on their creative work. Contact us today to learn how our tailored financial products and advisory services can support your clients in harnessing the power of NFTs and intellectual property.

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