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Francis Pouatcha – CTO of adorsys was elected to the Advisory Board of the Berlin Group

The software company adorsys is from now on represented by its CTO in the expert group of the “IT Solution Provider” section.

Nuremberg / Berlin – Double adorsys power on the Advisory Board of the Berlin Group: Through his appointment, Francis Pouatcha has been conferred an important steering and voting right on the Advisory Board. In addition, René Pongratz (member of the adorsys management board) also represents adorsys on the Advisory Board as an “Observer.”

Why is that so valuable in terms of PSD2? 

Since 2017, adorsys has increasingly focused on the development of open source XS2A APIs. The IT company has already implemented several software solutions for banks, as well as third-party providers (TPP) on the international market. Through membership in the Berlin Group Advisory Board and the NextGenPSD2 Implementation Support Program (NISP), adorsys has built a bridge between clients and key PSD2 bodies. On the one hand, adorsys acts as a voice for the customers in the committees, thus channeling the view of the developments and conflicts on the market to the committees. Conversely, the latest decisions of the committees can be immediately included in the implementation and passed on directly to the customers.

What role does the Berlin Group play?

The Berlin Group is a pan-European payments interoperability standards and harmonisation initiative – with the primary objective of defining open and common standards in the interbanking domain. The Berlin Group has established itself as a pure technical standardisation body focusing on detailed, technical and organisational requirements in order to achieve its primary goal.

The first meeting of the Berlin Group took place in October 2004 in Berlin – hence the name. Currently, 25 key players of thepayments industry from ten different euro-zone countries, as well as from the UK, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Iceland, Turkey, Bulgaria, Hungary, Serbia and Switzerland are participating in the meeting. Contributors include banks, banking and payment associations, national and international payment service providers and interbank payment processors that are operating in the SEPA system. Standards have already been developed and provided in areas such as card payment processing and the interoperability of mobile P2P-solutions.