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adorsys gains recognition as 2021 Global Excellence Awards Winner

June 2021 – Acquisition International has named adorsys as Most Innovative Digital Services Firm, Germany in their 2021 Global Excellence Awards.

Acquisition International is an international, monthly digital business magazine, committed to bringing its readers up to the minute news, research and analysis. Aimed to inform and shape the global corporate conversation, Acquisition International magazine is circulated to Top Tier Managers, Investment Professionals, Business Advisers and Service Providers.

Their Global Excellence Awards is an annual program to showcase companies and individuals that drive innovation, business growth, and provide the very best products and services to clients across a wide range of industries.

adorsys gained this recognition based on their knowledge of IT architectures, cloud engineering, agile-in-the-large methods and enterprise IT with high compliance requirements for IT security and data protection like no other.

The medium-sized company’s service portfolio specializes in digitization and IT modernization to serve the compliance and regulatory needs of its mainly finance, tax and public administration customers. Their sustained outstanding performance has seen them leading the way in their industry.

“As demand for IT experts in our areas of operation is still quite high despite the COVID crisis, adorsys is providing unique digital payments and components solutions that improve customer experience and maximize new areas of growth for our customers”, said Thilo Rottach, CTO of adorsys.

“We have some of the best IT experts in the market and strongly believe in trusted relationships and cooperation with industry partners to have a complete offering of solutions and scalability options. We are honored to have adorsys recognized as the top digital service firm for our expertise in delivering stability, shorter time-to-market and a high level of security to our customers.”

global excellence award winner

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