adorsys YesWeScan

Open source framework with easy integration for fast document scanning

The framework takes the image from the camera and makes it available to the application by providing the raw image data, giving the developer an unlimited number of formats to convert and save to.

The challenge

Secure, mobile document scanning is a critical competitive and organizational advantage, especially in service-oriented industries such as banking and insurance. It enables the real-time delivery of confidential data and documents to customers around the world.

Are you an IOS developer or enterprise looking for an open source framework to digitize and easily capture documents?

Do you need a document scanner in your application that is still supported by older versions of iOS?

The solution

Our open source solution YesWeScan is a scanning tool that allows you to scan documents and photos easily and free of charge.

The framework takes the image from the camera and makes it available to the application, providing the raw image data, which the developer can then convert and save in any format.

With YesWeScan, you can automate workflows and immediately respond to many different purposes, such as

  • Digital archiving
  • Used by your sales representatives to scan documents from customers, such as invoices, floor plans, ID cards and pay slips.
  • Capture receipts, certificates and statements for tax returns

Our open source software is ad-free and requires only necessary permissions, such as access to the mobile device’s camera. The code is available on GitHub and can be reviewed at any time. Because you have full control over the software, you never have to worry about a security breach caused by a third party.

The benefits

  • Open source allows for maximum transparency, unlike other 3rd party frameworks
  • Customizable because it was developed specifically for you
  • Easy to integrate into your own applications
  • No dependency on external (non-Apple) frameworks
  • Apple’s HIG compliant