TeamBank AG

Making multi-banking easy for easyCredit

With its easyCredit product set, TeamBank AG has become the liquidity management expert in the Volksbanken Raiffeisenbanken co-operative financial group. As early as 2000, TeamBank was first to offer loans that could be approved online instantly.

TeamBank AG

Financial services

Approx. 1,000 employees

Market activity
Throughout Germany

The challenge

By logging on to their online accounts, TeamBank’s customers can enjoy quick credit decision-making processes.

The majority of people in Germany have a large number of accounts (current, savings, fixed-term deposit etc) and expect these to be connected to one another via multi-banking. As part of the revised Payment Services Directive (PSD2), two-factor authentication was made mandatory for all e-commerce owners and buyers from September 2019.

Therefore, to enable credit decisions based on sales data, a new solution had to be found that was in line with the new PSD2 requirements and integrated a second authentication step using different TAN processes.

With this in mind, the challenge was to set up a multi-banking solution that included expanding the HBCI processes and connecting X2SA interfaces.

“We really appreciate how adorsys has developed a future-proof solution for us. Despite unexpected roadblocks and the lack of uniformity of X2SA interfaces in the market, adorsys went above and beyond to deliver the right solution.”

Alexander Rudat, Head of Development, TeamBank AG

The solution

Owing to the number of banking partners involved, several systems had to be co-ordinated. By integrating our Open Banking Gateway product, which was adapted to the architectural aspects of the current account service and other systems, we were able to deploy an operational end-to-end technology for our customers in a very short time.

The Open Banking Gateway and the implementation options from adorsys allow every organisation to access their customers’ account information and make payments on behalf of customers providing they have given consent to a third-party provider (TPP) to do so.

As TeamBank is an authorised TPP, they can now access their customers’ account information held at a number of banks in real time as well as query and understand any related sales data.

This was made possible through connecting accounts using transitional solutions (HBCI/FinTS) and new interfaces (PSD2) while respecting the Berlin Group specification. This also included expanding the banking connection via HBCI as a second factor, integrating a X2SA test bank and the mapping of various authentication processes, as well as testing sales processing through the upload of transactions.

PSD2 compliance requirements have therefore not impeded the continuation of easyCredit’s smooth and fast credit decision-making processes.

and Setup

  • Deployment: Initial version of the Open Banking Gateway was made available in line with BaFin deadline; continuous deployments since then
  • Our team: 8 developers, 2 DevOps, 1 solution architect, 1 application manager, 1 project lead
  • Technology stack: SpringBoot application with REST interface, HBCI, mongoDB, XS2A, FinTS
  • Methodology: agile process – Scrum, Kanban sprints, testing through pilot groups, Jira boards

The benefits

  • Comprehensive ability to test using X2SA test bank
  • Implementation of all current TAN processes and available SCA approaches
  • Ability to continue its service promise of offering easy access to liquidity
  • A large part of TeamBank’s online business is managed using a X2SA direct connection