Development of a new digital B2B receivables management ecosystem

The majority of retail and service companies face the daily challenge of collecting outstanding, non-performing customer payments. Reminders have already been sent – but the invoice has still not been paid by the debtor. This is followed by a costly and time-consuming process, via debt collection or the judicial route.

FOMA Gesellschaft für Forderungsmanagement mbH



Market activity

A new approach to receivables management

FOMA (Gesellschaft für Forderungsmanagement mbH) has now specialized in the realization of B2B receivables. Sustainable, digital and efficient.

“Our vision is to create an eco-system for the B2B receivables management sector and make receivables management for companies customer-oriented, simple and clear.”

Stephan Schuller Co-Founder of FOMA

The solution

Together with adorsys, FOMA has developed and implemented a digital receivables management platform within only six months. The platform uses state-of-the-art cloud-based technology combined with advanced analytics, AI and behavior science.

Demo of the FOMA service portal. Frontend development by adorsys.

Driven by the goals

  • Best practice receivables management with a core centralized and holistic lawyer collection from the first digital payment reminder to contentious proceedings
  • Increase liquidity through higher recovery rates and faster payment receipts
  • Easy order placement across all possible devices and ERPs – with full cost transparency
  • Clear order dashboard so that receivables can be viewed and filtered on an ongoing basis
  • Data-driven through continuous and automated inclusion and evaluation of all data and information
  • Establishing an ecosystem by connecting a wide range of value-added services and products from different areas related to receivables management

The result is FOMA, a web application that enables companies that are personally liable for payment defaults, loans or goods deliveries to submit new receivables orders easily and digitally.

Further development into a digital platform eco-system

In addition to continuous technological development, adorsys and FOMA are working on the expansion of a digital network. We are currently already in close exchange with insurance companies, financial service providers, fintechs and investors who can make a valuable contribution to the value chain.

„We are very satisfied with the service and the cooperation.
In the current project we received top advice from respective adorsys experts. In the cooperation, we especially appreciate the flexibility and the strong commitment with the created FOMA platform, which the adorsys team proved even in challenging situations. We are looking forward to further cooperations.”

Stephan Schuller Co-Founder of FOMA

Technical setup

  • Cross-functional, agile team: 1 UX/UI, 2 frontend developers, 1 scrum master
  • Project management and further support in design thinking & brand development
  • Consulting on business design and frontend development of a performant, static landing page in HTML/CSS & registration and login process in the service portal with automatic address completion
  • Design of the user interface + user experience
  • Front-end development of a functional dashboard
  • Architecture Workshop & Consulting
  • Technology stack: Vue.js, AWS web and cloud service, JIRA, FIgma, Git
  • Communication was completely remote.

Here is the link to an interview with Stephan Schuller which summarizes our work with FOMA.