Development, infrastructure and operation of the first B2C application KLARTAX

With around 40,000 members in the tax, accountancy and legal professions, DATEV eG is one of the largest technical information services providers in Germany. Until now, the name DATEV has been known primarily in the B2B sector.

Datev eG

IT service provider

Approx. 1,000 employees

Market activity
Throughout Germany

The challenge

In 2018, adorsys and DATEV got together for the first time to discuss potential forays into the B2C market. With our longstanding experience in the insurance and banking environment, the chemistry between us was very strong from the start.

We hit the ground running with initial workshops, where we developed the ‘Tax Citizen Strategy’, in which private individuals – aka tax citizens – would access a digital tax portal.

“We know and appreciate adorsys as a long-standing development partner in the online/mobile area. The joint development of a DATEV tax platform with the components of a private client solution KLARTAX as well as the tax consultancy search portal SmartExperts was characterized by high dynamics in a challenging environment. I particularly appreciate the flexibility and pragmatism that adorsys has demonstrated in the cooperation, even in challenging situations, as well as the competence along the entire value chain from analysis and conception to productive implementation. The commitment of adorsys employees with the solutions created was always extraordinarily high.”

Stefan Gentsch, Product Owner Solutions B2C-Market, DATEV eG

The solution

Together, we developed and implemented a vision for a B2C application, driven by the goals:

  • Customer focus
  • Cross-operating system application
  • Users should be able to link their financial data and prepare tax returns throughout the year
  • Overview of personal finances, so that sales are continuously filtered for tax-relevant purposes and the corresponding receipts are automatically linked
  • Creation of a platform in which tax consultants, auditors and lawyers can present themselves and be easily found by potential customers.

This resulted in the development of KLARTAX, an iOS, Android and web app that allows individuals to complete their tax returns online in simple steps.

Incorporating a design thinking process, we first validated market potential and business analyses as well as focus group surveys with the client. From this, concrete requirements for the solution became clear. During the conception phase, our approach was confirmed with methods such as personas, customer journeys, focus groups and target group surveys. Following this, we adapted the development to the market and user needs.

IT security was naturally a very important quality aspect, along with functionality, reliability, efficiency, and maintainability.  The development was accelerated by incorporating adorsys DataSafe – our DSGVO-compliant solution for individually encrypted storage of documents, account information and many other confidential data.

The exciting new feature of KLARTAX is the integration of bank accounts, linked with an intelligent recognition of tax-relevant turnovers – already throughout the year.

The app is thereby perfectly suited for the needs of taxpayers with simple tax cases. As soon as the circumstances become more complex and the need for a specialist arises, the user can access the DATEV SmartExperts platform with a single click. There, the right tax advisor can be found and contacted directly.

The success of a platform strategy is largely driven by the number of users gained. Since the new product was designed with a strong customer focus in mind, we involved external people early on to validate the ideas and solutions. We opted for multiple customer engagements, co-creation, as well as early access so that users could help shape the functionalities in the initial stages. Since then, feedback for further development and improvements has continued to flow directly into the product design to help tailor the app specifically to the needs of the market and the target group.

What has developed further from this?

Our customer relationship led to the establishment of a long-term and intensified partnership: In 2019, DATEV purchased a 25.9 percent stake in adorsys. The shareholding provides DATEV with access to our specialist and expert knowledge.

Since the launch of the application, KLARTAX has been continuously developed, technically enhanced, and adjusted with feedback from users.

and Setup

  • Cross-functional Team: 2 UX, 2 Mobile Developer, 2 Solution Architects, 8 Front or Backend Developers
  • Project management and further support in design thinking & brand development
  • Technology Stack: Angular Frontend with NGRX, IDP / OAuth2 / JWT, STS (Secret Token Server), DataSafe, Spring Boot, Cypress, Openshift / Docker, GIT, Jenkins, Monitoring (Prometheus & Grafana), SonarQube
  • Scalable, volume business-capable architecture, single sign-on capable OAuth token authentication, documentation according to ARC-42, technical security concept
  • DevOPs: PaaS Conception, Multi-level staging – environment management: development, Pentest, QS, Production, Outsourcing to external operator according to ITIL guidelines, Security Assessment