Bundesagentur für Arbeit (German Federal Employment Agency)

without Kubernetes

Based in Nuremberg, the German Federal Employment Agency provides services for the employment market, in particular job promotion, job placement and the management of unemployment benefit.

Bundesagentur für Arbeit (German Federal Employment Agency)

Government authority

More than 120,000 employees

Market activity
Throughout Germany

The challenge

The previous “throw over the wall” approach of developing in an operating environment saw steps processed strictly in order and by department. This led to long processing times, interruptions in the flow of information and a large number of change requests.

From the onboarding of a project to delivering the first application online took at least 4 months.

In order to stop this costly and time-intensive development process, the agency sought to work with an experienced partner that could deliver simultaneous engineering and drive a new way of thinking in the operating environment.  The agency therefore turned to adorsys.

“Thanks to a new way of working, our employees are more productive, our applications more stable and our processes more efficient. And we have more time to innovate.”

Ralf Ernst, Technical Portal Manager, German Federal Employment Agency

The solution

The adorsys solution supported the implementation of a container platform based on the DC/OS mesosphere. The special feature of this orchestrator is that stateful services such as databases and message queues are available as a framework. This resulted in an adaptation of the frameworks in line with operational stability and security.

Moreover, adorsys worked with the Federal Employment Agency to assign production responsibilities to its agile teams and introduce agile end-to-end processes including DevOps, continuous delivery and self-service.

This led to the delivery of a future-proof solution comprising a standardised platform and operation processes for current digital technologies such as Docker, NoSQL databases, elastic search and message queues.

By working with adorsys, the agency has changed their mindset of “DevOps isn’t important” and now supports its teams through automation and sample provisioning.

and Setup

  • D2IQ (DC/OS – mesosphere)
  • Tech stack information
  • Our team: 5 DevOps-centric developers 
  • Developer handoff and ongoing supervision
  • Methodology: Scrum, Kanban, Lean Coaching

The benefits

  • Significant reduction in time to market – previously there were 4 releases a year, now solutions can be deployed X times a day
  • Tremendous increase in IT security – systems and containers have a maximum age of 5 weeks
  • Streamlined processes – new projects can be onboarded in just 2 days including authorisations for the new team
  • Containers without kubernetes