adorsys Smartanalytics and A.I.

Bridging the Real and Virtual Worlds

Using smartanalytics and A.I., we help you systematically collect, process, and analyze your customer data to get more out of it.

The challenge

Today, we have more data at our fingertips than ever before as more devices and objects are equipped with sensors as part of connected ecosystems such as the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

However, in order to derive complex correlations and benefits from these vast amounts of data, only systematic structuring and analysis, as well as intelligent monitoring of the data volumes, can provide real relevance. In other words, intelligent data analysis.

Whether it is payments, wealth management, credit decisions, or insurance offerings, smart data enables you to better understand your customers’ behavior, continuously improve your offerings, and create a positive customer experience.

Are you challenged by the high cost of collecting, storing and maintaining the sheer volume of data and analytics?

The solution

We help you systematically collect, process and analyze your customer data to get more out of it!

Based on our own AI products or those of our global partners, we offer a range of APIs for banking (FPM, BFM, Engager, customer network offers), insurance (e.g. peer group comparison, customer profiling) and tax.

Our proprietary software “Smartanalytics” enables intelligent automation and categorization of customer data thanks to self-learning algorithms for core functions:

  • Sales data analysis
  • Identification of fixed costs
  • Identification of standing orders
  • Categorize sales
  • Identification of recurring credits
  • Determine next posting date for recurring transactions
  • Group transactions
  • Calculate available amount

The benefits

  • Improve planning and decision-making with predictive analytics
  • Reduce costs through digitally automated solutions
  • Gain insight into customer behavior and create a better customer experience
  • Enable new business models