Digital Signature

We digitize your entire contract process

We not only analyze your potential resource savings, but we also handle the implementation of your digital signature to save you time and money. The electronic signature eliminates the need for recurring identity verifications and reduces complexity, ultimately enhancing contract completion rates.

Potential savings

Use the sliders below to figure out
how much money you could save.

signed documents

involved employees

Saving in time ... TG
Time per person ... TG
Less Co2 ... KG
Less waste ... KG
Preserving woods ... KG
Saving in time

Eliminate printing and contract checks. Experts estimate you'll save 15 minutes per 60-page contract. Use this valuable time wisely!

Less Co2

By simply saving paper and sending an email instead of printing and mailing a letter, you could reduce CO2 emissions by 24,000kg. This is without even considering the energy usage of printers and scanners, the time and travel required by staff, waste disposal, and storage fees.

Less waste

Paper creates a lot of waste that needs to be disposed of. We are only talking about the paper that is printed and has to be thrown away after being stored. This does not include printer cartridges, devices, or envelopes.

Preserving woods

Your company's impact on the environment will decrease once you begin utilizing electronic signatures. We estimate that the reduction is greater when using recycled paper, which has a value 2.5 times larger than that of fresh fiber paper.


The potential savings presented above do not account for any authentication expenses that may arise. To acquire a qualified electronic signature, customer identification that aligns with GWG is a fundamental requirement (such as through eID or Video-Ident), as long as no inventory data is accessible. Since there are numerous choices and collaborators for GWG-compliant identification, we can only consider them under specific circumstances.

Assumption: Every fifth signature is a fresh client who is authenticated using the Video-Ident procedure.Potential savings 120.000 €

The solution

Use e-signatures to enhance your company’s sustainability and efficiency.

Faster than paper, written signatures are completely replaced, ensuring the security and compliance of your data. Increase your conversion rate by creating a fully integrated signing experience via an API.

Enhance your company’s processes, save time, and increase convenience while going paperless, no matter where you are working, with the knowledge that your confidential information is always safeguarded.

The benefits

  • Legally binding in EU
  • Streamline contract and proposal signing
  • Boost compliance
  • BaFin and eIDAS conform