Shorten your time to market. Increase your productivity and quality.

Specially coordinated tools, infrastructure and organisational processes all have an influence on software development, and the better teams, tools and infrastructure are coordinated, the faster organisations can deploy higher-quality software.

To help with your projects, we have put together cross-functional teams consisting of developers (Dev) and system engineers (Ops) who act as the interface between development and application and also oversee software deployments. DevOps ensures that Dev, Ops and QA departments work together more effectively using common goals, process and software tools.

Together with our partners, we ensure application servers as well as web, database and middleware technologies work together by relying on container virtualisation and continuous integration with Docker/OpenShift.

Our DevOps services improve not only software quality, but also the speed at which software is developed and rolled out as well as collaboration between teams. From gathering requirements and design work through to development, testing, deployment and support, we are here to help with your projects throughout the entire development cycle (application development lifecycle management, ADLM) and we will help you to continue to optimise processes across the whole application development lifecycle.


  • Support for the deployment of software solutions
  • Increased efficiencies and shorter time to market
  • Application virtualisation with Docker and OpenShift
  • Public cloud services with Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Automated build processes (continuous integration)