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Conversational Interfaces

We have to talk!

Language is the most natural way we communicate.

Voice assistants, also referred to as voice user interfaces (voice-only, voice-first VUIs), can capture human speech extremely well and let us interact with the help of the latest technology.

And in times when issues are becoming more complex and people’s attention spans are decreasing, conversation-based assistants (voice assistants or chatbots) can play a vital role in the customer journey. 

Using an agile development process, we design and implement conversational interfaces based on Alexa, Google Assistant or Rasa NLU. Based on a tried-and-tested prototyping methodology using an inhouse-developed toolchain, we implement complex applications in a user-centric manner. We place great importance on the right communication (conversation design) and reference to your brand (character design).

Our user-centric approach allows us to deploy chatbots, voice interfaces and digital voice solutions that give your users real added value.


  • Conversational applications for Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant or custom apps
  • Based on Amazon Alexa, Google Dialogflow or RASA voice services
  • Proven prototyping processes und user-centric design using inhouse-developed workflows and tools
  • Conversation design and character design
  • RESTful or GraphQL-based service APIs
  • Optimised continuous integration processes