Business Design

Taking your project from good to outstanding Our innovation and user-oriented methods in Design Thinking, equip you with results that are one step ahead of your competition.
  • Comprehend

    Step 1 – Comprehend

    Now as Remote Workshops

    As a team, having a common understanding enables us to transfer knowledge smoothly as well as exchange ideas dynamically for new business models.


    • Analysis of the current state
    • Competitor analysis
    • Surveys
    • Interviews


    • Discover new potentials and opportunities for your company
    • Obtain precise objectives via fast survey results
    • Realize new and improved business ideas
  • Describe

    Step 2 – Describe

    The focus is on the needs and challenges of your users, taking a detailed target group analyses into consideration. We’ll then organize and cluster potential approaches.


    • Target group analysis
    • Persona
    • Customer/User Journey
    • SWOT-Analysis
    • Competitor Analysis


    • Creating added value
    • Target real problems
    • Project objective as well as potential solution are driven by the actual needs
    • Common understanding of the needs and challenges of the target group
  • Develop

    Step 3 – Develop

    Jointly, we’ll draft, evaluate and prioritize practical approaches by incorporating several creative methods.


    • Brainstorming & Brainwriting
    • Crazy 8, 6-3-5 Methode, etc.
    • Now, How, Wow
    • SWOT-Analysis
    • Value Proposition Canvas


    • Best-practice approach for innovation finding
    • Prioritization of ideas according to the most relevant factors
    • Idea generation as a result of all identified framework conditions
  • Prototyping

    Step 4 – Prototyping

    The ideal solution is implemented in detail and tangibly, resulting in a functional prototype. We also check the technical feasibility.


    • User Flow
    • Sitemap
    • Storyboarding
    • Wireframes
    • Prototyping


    • Identification of obstacles
    • Common understanding of the solution can be clearly conveyed
    • Technical feasibility and expenses can be easily determined
  • Validate

    Step 5 – Validate

    Having used the knowledge of all parties involved, a solution approach was developed. But does this meet the requirements of the user and will they be able to engage with it in a user-friendly way?


    • A/B-Testing
    • Usertesting
    • Interview
    • Proof of Concept


    • Early identification of problems which can be fixed in a cost-efficient manner
    • The full potential of the solution can be optimized before development
    • Tests add certainty to the planning and decision process
  • Implement

    Step 6 – Implement

    How can you turn the ideas into reality? We clarify the technical background, define the procedure and support you during the implementation.


    • SCRUM
    • Agile Development


    • Support from a dedicated team of experts

Advantages across the board

Instead of getting left behind by developments in your market, be ahead of the game with a compelling user experience and set new and innovative benchmarks.



  • Complete user satisfaction
  • Boosted customer acquisition
  • Customer retention and Service and brand awareness


  • Long-term minimized risk
  • Ensured project success
  • Decision-making and planning security due to early evaluation


  • On Budget. No overhead or unnecessary features.
  • Safe and easy implementation
  • Maximum efficiency

Financial Innovation & UX

Nothing is as constant as change. In next to no time, digital transformation creates new areas of business – for both B2B or BC2 applications.

Safe & in line with regulations
In line with regulations

Due to our membership in various committees, we are attuned to the legal and technical requirements and conditions.

Resilience to failures
Resilience to failures

Working with highly sensitive data requires special attention to the usability and faultless use of services.


Designing a digital world without barriers is essential for the usability of all customers and staff.

Playing it safe
Playing it safe

We are putting technical feasibility and scalability first. A complete safe-guarded concept is the foundation of our work.

ISO Certificate

We work according to ISO 9241-210 standards for user-oriented procedures in development projects

Customized collaboration

We adapt our service packages to your company’s requirements and goals.

Package „Accelerator“
  • Minimum lovable product (MLP)
  • Duration: 3 months
  • Cost: €30k
Package „Empowerment“
  • Medium lovable product (MLP)
  • Duration: 3-6 months
  • Cost: from €50k
Package „Success Story“
  • Big lovable product (BLP)
  • Duration: from 6 months
  • Cost: tailored

Are you already playing with an idea? Let us support you in the implementation.

Innovative. Creative. Success-oriented.

adorsys as accelerator for sustainability and mobility

True to the slogan “faster, higher, further”, together with a client, we created a concept within a 6-week ramp-up phase, managed a 10-person implementation team and developed an operating Flutter as well as web app.

Your Co2 Footprint

Environmental issues have sharpened our awareness to act more sustainable in our everyday life. With the Green App, which can be integrated into existing banking apps, the Co2 footprint can be calculated based on your users’ account transactions. The option to compensate for their emissions by investing in green is also included.

Customer Workshops

More than 16 years of business experience with plenty of partners and customers make us the perfect expert for your innovative projects.

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