adorsys & Open Source

We are Open Source.

Our scalable and technical solutions are Open Source, so they can be developed and supported by a large worldwide community that continues to innovate.  And by adding team agility and a dedicated project manager into the mix, we’ll ensure we find a solution to any challenge you face.

Benefits our Open Source software:

  • High quality source code
  • Compatibility with other software solutions and IT systems
  • Stability and high performance
  • Large degree of security and transparency
  • Shorter time-to-market
  • No vendor lock-in and no long-term ties to IT service provider
  • Lower risk of making the wrong investment
  • Innovation and development

At the core of Open Source is its ambitious community.  We’ve been part of this Open Source community for over 10 years and continue to enjoy the work we do with our partners and colleagues.  We believe that we don’t need to keep re-inventing the wheel, especially when it’s better to focus on improvements for our customers collaboratively instead of working on problems that were already resolved some time ago in other projects. 

Together, we can achieve more.

Research & Innovation Lab

Many projects and topics are born out of student research work.  At adorsys, we have created our own research lab where we continue to innovate, and as a rule projects are some three to four years ahead of the current market.  This allows us to work with new products in new ways and then set the foundations for technologies of the future.  And we’ve seen success here – our work students’ projects have won multiple awards and have received continued attention in the form of tenders.

Would you like more information, or do you have any questions about our Research & Innovation Lab?

Technology Trend Scouting

At adorsys, our business model is such that we don’t just respond to the needs of our customers and the industry, but we also react to current technology trends. This is the only way we can offer our customers solutions that guarantee a real competitive advantage.

Our research team looks at market trends early on and evaluates them.  Within the Technology Trending Scouting group, we also work closely with our partners to map competencies and generate synergies.

Should a specific trend show promise, we will test it thoroughly and then add it in to our portfolio – providing an added benefit to our customers.

Are current trends and their business opportunities of interest?

Outsourced Research Services

If you see a business opportunity but can’t map it to your company or business problem, then why not ask our research expertise to help?  We offer services that can help with screening, prototyping and implementation, and they are all tailored to meeting your goals.  Get ahead of the industry – let us help you scale your digital business and your innovation efforts.

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Tim Biedenkapp