XS2A Compatibility Test Kit

PSD2-ready with an XS2A test suite which is based on the NISP test specifications

The challenge

The PSD2 directive mandates that banks grant authorised third parties access to customer account information via a XS2A interface. On the one hand, banks have to incorporate a number of important steps into the setup and provisioning of XS2A services so they can integrate new Third-Party-Providers (TPPs) dynamically and prove the continued functionality of their XS2A interface. 
On the other hand, TPPs not only have to test various bank interfaces but also discover and report any missing access points they have with the banks’ production systems.

Different interpretations of the PSD2 specification can lead to interoperability issues that need to be tested and discussed and resolved between participants.

If you’re unsure of knowing how to implement a XS2A interface the right way, then let’s talk.

The solution

Our XS2A Compatibility Test Kit is a simple test suite that can be run in any banking infrastructure, in the cloud or across a company network. Based on the NextGenPSD2 implementation support programme (NISP), it offers a test framework with test case catalogues, configurable bank profile settings and test data.

Test reports are delivered in HTML format, and all tests and test data such as usernames, accounts, TANs etc. are fully customisable so they match the respective bank interface setup.

The benefits

  • Become PSD2-ready with a simple and reliable test-set that is based on NISP
  • User-defined test data and reports
  • Fewer interoperability issues 
  • No need to implement a fallback interface solution
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