The 360-degree solution for companies to identify AMLA-compliant customers

The challenge

Legal requirements such as the Anti-Money Laundering Act (AMLA) and Know Your Customer (KYC) as well as anti-fraud measures mean that organisations have to be able to identify customers digitally, not just new customers but existing ones – both commercial and private. 

Unfortunately, legal identification obligations are extensive as are the ongoing updates of relevant data needed in the commercial register. Failure to do this the right way and the penalties can be high.

The solution

Identify by Business Service Solution GmbH is more than just video identification – you run the entire AMLA process.

With online identification via video chat, customers just need a computer, a tablet or a smartphone device with an internet connection as well as a camera and valid ID. Within minutes, our partner’s trained agents can validate a person’s identity – which is compliant with AMLA in accordance with the current requirements of BaFin.

Not only are agents professionally trained, the service covers multiple aspects such as offering multi-lingual support, respecting cultural differences, avoiding long wait times and offering an appealing, informative and user-friendly application. This leads to positive user experiences, successful conversions and straightforward onboarding processes.

Companies that need to run identification processes therefore save on internal resources and are aware of costs upfront. They can also integrate identify into existing IT systems (e.g. e-commerce solutions) quickly and easily.

The benefits

  • Secure and legally compliant
  • Clear and multi-lingual communication for customer-friendly onboarding
  • Use internal resources, anticipate costs upfront
  • Simple API integration into digital processes

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Andre Achtstaetter

Andre Achtstatter