FIDO®Authentication by

PSD2 compliant solution for strong customer authentication and transaction authorization

The challenge

Whether you’re building a SaaS product, a challenger bank, or an online game – the first thing your users always need to do is sign in. For every company, the compromise of privileged access data through phishing, data breaches and password reuse is of course devastating.

The improved security requirements for Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) are aimed at making online payments more secure and reducing fraud. However, the lack of standardization in the SCA process leads to vendor lock-in, facing many companies with considerable implementation effort and high operating costs.

In addition, conventional methods for multi-factor authentication are often inconvenient for the user with questionable security gains.

The solution

Hanko, in collaboration with adorsys, provides the complete toolkit for passwordless digital identity and authentication.

Exceeding your security requirements with biometric authentication methods that are phishing-proof, inherently multifactor, and leverage the capabilities of your users’ devices, there is no need for special hardware or reliance on insecure external services like text messages.

The Hanko solutions range from a certified FIDO Server for on-premise deployments with care-free support and maintenance options to passwordless Identity-as-a-Service (IDaaS) with a beautiful white-label UI for easy integration.

With Hanko SDKs for most major platforms, you can get your passwordless project up and running in no time: Hanko runs on open source standards, and the software components are highly scalable and developed for the cloud.

The benefits

  • PSD2 SCA Compliance with increased User Experience
  • Secure authentication with fingerprint or face recognition in every browser, on any platform
  • Transaction protection
  • Increased protection from Phishing
  • Device Binding per White-Label App, Mobile SDKs and API

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