Digital Care Assistant

Software solution for the easy creation of standardised documents – for example a living will or a healthcare proxy

The challenge

Customer needs and expectations continue to change. As a bank or insurance company you need to adapt constantly so you can respond with products and services that will help you drive customer loyalty and boost new customer acquisition rates.

A new digital assistance service will allow you increase the value of your current product portfolio, set yourself apart from the competition and open up new sales channels.

The solution

In co-operation with adorsys, the Digital Care Assistant from CodeCamp:N not only provides a user-friendly interface to configure documents but also a live document preview which presents the customer with the final document.

The solution provides a straightforward way to market products in the insurance and financial services market through high value touchpoints with potential customers. Discussions on topics around insurance and pensions open up new sales channels and gives a competitive edge. And as documents need regular updates, the Digital Care Assistant provides the opportunities to interact repeatedly with prospects and customers.

The benefits

  • Endless possibilities: The technology makes all standard documents, e.g. rent agreements, available to the user
  • High-quality touchpoints: The digital pension assistant is the ideal way to provide more advice around pensions and insurance
  • Individuality: The solution can be combined with internal customer portals to save documents and share them with trusted contacts

For more information, please contact

Andre Achtstaetter

Andre Achtstaetter