Smartanalytics & A.I.

AI solutions that pair the virtual with the real-life world

The Challenge

There’s never been so much data as we have today – and there’s only going to be more of it as devices continue to be equipped with sensors to fuel the IIOT economy (industrial internet of things).

And yet, so we can make sense of and unearth value and relevance from huge volumes of data, we must first structure, analyse and monitor the data intelligently – hence the need for smart data analytics.

Whether in the field of payments, wealth creation, credit decision-making or insurance proposals, smart data allows you to understand customer behaviour, continuously improve your products and services, and create a positive customer experience.

So, the question is: Does the high cost of collecting, storing and analysing vast amounts of data pose a challenge to your business?

Our Solution

We’ll help you to collect, process and analyse your customer data to extract more value out of it.

Using our own AI products as well as those from our worldwide partners, we offer a range of banking APIs (FPM, BFM, Engager, customer group offers), insurance APIs (e.g. peer group comparison, customer profiling) and tax APIs.

Our specially developed “Smart Analytics” software allows you to automate and categorise customer data intelligently – thanks to self-learning algorithms for the following core functions:

  • Sales data analysis
  • Fixed costs
  • Standing orders
  • Sales categorisation
  • Regularly-recurring credits
  • Next booking day of recurring transactions
  • Sales grouping
  • Calculation of available amounts

The Benefits

  • Predictive analytics that optimises planning and decision-making processes
  • Cost savings thanks to digital and automated solutions
  • Increased insight into customer behaviour; opportunity to improve customer experience
  • Creation of new business models