Open Banking/PSD2

Painless Compliance: Fully customizable, cost-efficient, highest quality with adorsys inside

The Challenge

In accordance with PSD2, Open Banking drives innovation and competition within the financial market. Standardized API and security concepts have been the focus so far.

A big challenge here is balancing the customer experience with security requirements and ensuring the customer gets the best service possible.

Why limit yourself to the legal minimum requirements of PSD2 when you could also discover new business areas through added services?

Our Solution

We’ll help make you a trailblazer in the new Open Banking API economy.  We’ll create the conditions for making banking easier, better and more enjoyable for your customers.  

Having already helped over 100 banks in Europe become PSD2-compliant, we can call on many years of experience, understand the market and lead the direction for open banking.

As a company that places a lot of value on relationships and through our memberships and active participation in the most important open banking committees such as Berlin Group, NISP, SFTI, Open Banking Project CH and OpenID, we are not only shaping the financial market, we are also forming the crucial bridge for our customers.

If needed, we also mentor and support TPPs as they work towards getting their BaFin licence.

With our solutions or partner products, we offer effective, secure and scalable Open Banking in compliance with regulatory requirements.

The Benefits

  • Product and technical implementation from one source – thanks to adorsys’s expertise
  • Flexible connection of banks across all sectors (retail, private and corporate banking) to drive new customer acquisition and customer loyalty
  • Strong authentication and security for PSD2
  • Solutions that can be implemented into existing IT infrastructures through projects with us