Identity & Accessmanagement

Protecting sensitive data and systems from unauthorised access

The Challenge

A bank’s success is dependent on its ability to make its services and data available to customers – and it’s also a bank’s greatest challenge.  Because when login details fall into the wrong hands, unauthorised users not only gain access to a bank’s database or applications, they can often get into the complete company network and therefore access business-critical data and customer information.  

In addition, banks also face the ongoing challenge of complying with regulations such as GDPR and Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) as part of PSD2, which are strictly controlled by external auditors and bodies such as BaFin, the German federal financial supervisory authority.


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Are frustrated by logging in processes and are often locked out of their accounts a few times a year

Our Solution

For your complex IT landscape with cloud services and mobile end-user devices, we support you to select the best suited Identity and Access Management System among the variety of identity providers (OpenId Connect, FIDO, Verimi, YES, Google, Facebook and Amazon) to choose from.

We’re here to help you identify, authenticate and authorize the proper people and the appropriate access to your technology resources. At the same time, we ensure implementation in accordance with legal compliance requirements.

We can offer advice on how to manage password tools, apps to enforce security policies, reporting and monitoring apps or identity repositories.

And naturally we can also develop implementation processes as well as take care of the software rollout and integration.  We support hybrid IT environments including on-premise systems, cloud-based SaaS applications and BYOD users, and manage IT architectures that include UNIX, Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and IOT devices.  We also ensure IT administrators have the tools and technology they need to manage user roles, monitor user activity and generate usage reports.

The Benefits

  • Powerful identity and access management (IAM) functions that ensure company-wide data security through standardised best practice processes
  • Minimal complexity and lower operating costs
  • Increased user productivity levels in a number of environments without compromising on security
  • Efficient and audit-proof processes that ensure company-specific and external compliance guidelines are met
  • Additional layer of security – IAM ensures access rules and guidelines are applied consistently across the entire business
  • Improvements in customer trust, customer loyalty and competitive ability