Data Security

Stay safe with our data management solutions.

The Challenge

Just thinking about adopting a cloud-based, GDPR-compliant data management strategy can cause headaches for the majority of companies.  Ultimately, they require a user-friendly solution that gives their customers the assurance that their documents will be managed in line with GDPR regulations, and that ensures staff cannot make errors that could result in violating data protection rules.

And TPPs such as financial administrators, banking apps and account multi-aggregators must also be able to secure confidential data in the cloud at the click of a button.  After all, losing personal and confidential data due to hacker attacks, natural disasters or theft can have serious financial, company and brand consequences.

Our Solution

Our services not only come with a high level of security, they also combine this with a high degree of simplicity for both you and your customers.

We’ve developed an open-source, GDPR-compliant solution that allows you to store and protect encrypted documents, account information and other confidential data securely.

The Benefits

  • Cloud-based, GDPR-compliant data management
  • Uses CMS (crytographic message sytnax) to encrypt personal data
  • Open Source
  • Fast loading times thanks to individual caching layer