API Management

Speeding up your digital transformation

The Challenge

In the future, customers will be able to access and manage their accounts via a range of applications from different providers.

So it’s imperative that traditional banks and financial service providers concentrate on delivering a great digital customer experience – that way, they can cover all the touch points and customers can enjoy a sustainable customer journey where they forge long-term relationships with their banks.

Driven by European-wide PSD2 requirements and new business innovation coming out of the USA and Asia, banks are having to re-align their business models.  The move from bricks-and-mortar branches where they control their own products services to a linear or platform business model where APIs are available to third-parties cannot be halted.

How can you make sure that your APIs are deployed in a controllable and scalable environment?  How can you ensure your data and services are protected?

And how can you track user behaviours and ultimately generate new revenue streams with APIs?

Our Solution

We’re here to support you on your path to a linear business model in all areas of API management.  Our technical expertise, coupled with access to our partner API management solutions, will help you to embrace the new mindset of thinking in terms of APIs and providing applications and systems in real-time – well beyond the confines of your company.

Our 360-degree API competency centre is the key you need to digitalisation!

The Benefits

  • Service implementation, configuration and tailoured API design – all available from one source
  • Ensures the performance and management of the interface lifecycle, and that it’s up-to-date
  • Collects and automates valuable customer information
  • Overcomes any gaps in IT delivery by moving and merging important data from legacy systems
  • Speeds up the development process and increases performance in IT data centres
  • Creates own API community which helps to monetise data and services