Design Thinking Experience

In our discovery workshops we solve complex challenges in an innovative and user-oriented way.

What to expect?

We’ll adapt our service packages to your company’s requirements and goals.

3 Workshop days at no costs

Step 1: Comprehend

  • Analysis of the current state
  • Competitor analysis
  • Surveys

Step 2: Describe

  • Personas
  • Customer Journey
  • Value Proposition Canvas

Step 3: Develop

  • Brainstorming
  • Scribbling
  • Core features
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You are registering to win 3 parts of our design-thinking workshops at no cost. Once the 3 workshop days are completed, we’re happy to make you an offer for 2 more additional workshop days, with costs involved. If you are not interested in those 2 additional workshops (day 4 and day 5), you are not obliged to any costs.

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