Since 2006, we provide hands-on advice and support to businesses as they embark on digital transformation projects.

With years of experience in the financial industry, our digital payment services and solutions are designed to help banks, insurance companies and Third Party Providers improve their customer experience and also maximise new areas of growth.

Our digital platforms, API services, state-of-the-art IT environment as well as our partner networks give us direct access to new technologies and key players in the industry.

With our customers we are creating partnerships – to help them drive efficiencies and make the best use of IT and business processes from a cost/benefit perspective. We monitor our services carefully to continue to always deliver high-quality results.

We are committed to Open Source and towards sustainable ways of working together.  Our vision is to become the go-to company for digital payment transactions, component solutions and knowhow in Europe by 2025.

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Establishing of nearshore hubs in Europe for sourcing best good value IT talent (German-quality and compliant smart-shoring).


Growth of management team so adorsys can fulfil its goal of becoming the go-to company for digital payment transactions and component solutions in Europe.


Investment by DATEV eG brings growth and allows adorsys to extend its service offering.  Customers have access to more high-quality, technically-innovative solutions.


Investment by TeamBank AG in Nuremberg.  PSD2 reference implementation.


Kurz-Gruppe KDS (Kurz Digital Solutions) spin-off with 10 employees.  Industry focus on financial services.  Group Zero One (GO1) is founded.


Investment by Kurz-Gruppe.  Collaboration with 4C-Group.  Joint projects, turnkey solutions.


Together with partners, adorsys takes over maintenance of easyCredit application.  Responsible for the entire software lifecycle (release management, conception, implementation, test, production support).


adorsys is founded in Nuremberg.



Andrew J Zeller adorsys

Andrew John Zeller

Managing Director International & Co-CEO DACH

For over 20 years, Andrew John Zeller has been at the forefront of technology management, business automation and retail banking.  At adorsys he is responsible for setting the company’s future technology direction and has years of experience of bringing new products to market as well as transforming operating models into highly-scalable platform architectures.

Thilo Rottach adorsys

Thilo Rottach


Thilo Rottach is responsible for delivering technical solutions at adorsys.  He has many years of experience of working in management positions at service and application companies including head of development, project and portfolio management, governance, risk and compliance.


Our goal to build an industry-wide digital ecosystem with partners from various disciplines.  This also includes being an active member of a number of different committees.

Berlin Group
The Berlin Group is a Europe-wide initiative that defines open and common standards for interbank payment transactions.

Represented by our founder and technical lead Francis Pouatcha on the Berlin Group advisory board, adorsys holds important steering and voting rights.  adorsys’s membership helps bring customers together with the most important PSD2 bodies and ensures that banking solutions are aligned with current standards. 

NISP (NextGenPSD2 Implementation Support Programme) supports key players in the market with the implementation of the Berlin Group’s NextGenPSD2 framework.  adorsys is an active member and therefore able to offer its customers a technically-seamless implementation of the PSD2 standard.

NIK is a Nuremberg-based association that offers guidance and networking opportunities for digital economy-based companies in the Nuremberg metropolitan area.  As part of the steering committee, adorsys works closely with NIK and is committed to embracing industry-related innovation – both internally and externally.

Open ID
The Open ID Foundation is a non-profit international standardisation organisation for both individuals and companies which aims to enable, promote and protect OpenID technologies.  Founded in June 2007, the foundation serves as a public trust organisation that represents an open community of developers, suppliers and users.  The foundation supports its community by providing necessary infrastructures and helps to promote and support the introduction of OpenID.

Together with adorsys, the Swiss industry association is actively working on deploying a universal standard for banks and insurance companies.  While the BerlinGroup’s NextGenPSD2 in the context of PSD2 only refers to the European market, the project group is working on a Swiss specification – applicable to the Swiss financial market.  Having started out as a working group, the industry association has now grown into one of the leading Swiss initiatives in the context of APIs and represents a high number of large industry players. offers information on Open Banking and API standards that have been adapted for Switzerland.  The initiative was founded in February 2019 as a cross-organisational network to promote the development of Open Banking in Switzerland.  As part of adorsys’s work with, the company has developed a XS2A sandbox and portal for, which banks, TPPs and Fintechs can use as a test and development platform.  Developers of digital financial services can test their apps with the functionalities that the Swiss NextGen API provides in the area of account information and payment orders.

The Swiss Commission for Standardisation in Finance (SKSF) seeks to coordinate the work of experts in the ISO/TC68 and SWIFT working groups. This ensures that Switzerland and Liechtenstein are represented in the development of local and international standards and are able have their say.  Should the Swiss financial industry ask for local standardisation needs, the SKSF shares the tasks with the Swiss market so the standards are implemented efficiently.

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Investor Relations

TeamBank AG
With its easyCredit product set, TeamBank AG, a DZ Bank Gruppe company, is the expert for liquidity management in the Volksbanken Raffeisenbanken co-operative group.  TeamBank AG offers a digital ecosystem for liquidity management and brings together customer access via mobile, online and offline channels.

DATEV eG has been a shareholder of adorsys GmbH and Co. KG since 2019.  This has meant that the co-operative for tax advisors, auditors and lawyers and adorsys have been able to intensify their efforts.  By concentrating on delivering highly-scalable and intelligent applications, adorsys is well positioned to capitalise on market demand internationally.  As a partner, DATEV eG brings added stability and at the same time allows adorsys to reach a wider audience.  As a result, customers can benefit from yet more innovation and higher quality solutions.

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