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A warm welcome!
We develop new digital payment and other IT project-based solutions…

…and we’ve been doing this for more than 10 years.  Our customers are very much at the core of what we do, and whether we’re helping them to modernise an existing service or develop a new business model, we’re there with our customers every step of the way.  We pride ourselves on delivering first-class service, so our customers are successful.

So what do this mean for you as a colleague?

To make this happen, we need a solid team of customer-focused colleagues who can collaborate with customers on concepts, work together on design and solution architectures, from the back-end to the front-end and right through to go-live and beyond.

We think of ourselves as an agile and innovative software, IT services and consulting company to which everyone contributes using their own key strengths.  That’s why a great working environment and a fantastic team spirit is just as much a part of adorsys as your determination to do your best.

kununu top Arbeitgeber


There are a host of advantages – both personal and professional – that await you at adorys


A performance-related salary and company pension scheme.

Monthly travelcard

For just €7 per month, ride the VAG bus and train system

Great working environment

We work together, we celebrate together

Work-life balance

Flexible working hours, home office, paid time-off


We’ll provide the hardware you need – whatever the system


We’ll give you a budget you can use to attend and learn at conferences and events

Family time

Child-friendly office space, help with daycare payments, home office

Company bike scheme

Get some exercise and fresh air – how about a company bike?

Added Leave Days

30 days of annual leave plus 1 day per year of service as additional days off

Here’s what our colleagues say


At adorsys, you have the opportunity to work with a wide range of technologies with diverse customer projects and there is always something new to learn. You’ll have the chance to bring your strengths to the table and contribute towards the daily tasks. 
There are always interesting conversations in the kitchen or you can challenge your colleagues in a football kicker match. Also after work we are known to meet up for a beer or two.

Job: Fullstack Developer


I get to work on exciting projects that are both challenging and rewarding. We use the latest technologies in customer projects and we can play a decisive role in shaping solution concepts. An ample amount of research and training opportunities allow us to work on promising topics while incorporating our own ideas and projects. I enjoy that we have a community feeling, meet in teams and tribes and catch up for a beer or video game session in our free time.

Job: Payment Architect


As a student, being able to support customers by working on and solving real problems has shown me that I am at the right place for the long term. You get exposed to a wide range of technologies, helping you to upskill, no matter if working on a new greenfield project or an established one. There are also workshops and barcamps where you’ll get insights into the latest patterns and practices.

Job: Backend Developer


My time at adorsys has been a steep learning curve with personal growth. From the beginning I had the opportunity to drive issues forward and was able to take on responsibilities; not only on customer projects, but also cooperating with our international partners or within our tribe organisation.
The trust placed in me and the exchanges with experienced colleagues have been very valuable. Every day I enjoy the respectful and considerate way colleagues are working with each other.
adorsys is fun: at break time, during a round of table soccer, at after-work drinks or activities – but also in the daily project work, during home office and throughout demanding phases!

Job: Project Manager


Working here means learning. Every application is different and I’m incredibly grateful that I often get challenged with issues that actually test me and develop my skills. I have the chance to be creative and put myself in the users’ shoes across many different projects. This allows me to design the user interface in a more sustainable and efficient way, together with my team.

Job: UI/UX designer

Stefan Copy

At adorsys, I can work on a wide variety of topics and take on lots of responsibilities. Advise and support our customers with individual software solutions. Push colleagues, the company and myself to get further.  Nevertheless, there is still time for a catch up over coffee in the morning, a match of table football or mastering the bouldering hall after work together with colleagues.

Stefan Copy
Job: Software Architect


From the outset we’ve always placed great emphasis on creating a diverse workplace at adorsys, which means the company continues to offer great and vibrant atmosphere.  We’re extremely proud that we have colleagues from over 11 different countries with us.  It’s this mix of cultures that gives our colleagues the chance to develop personally and broaden their horizons.

Our values

Working with and at adorsys means you’ll grow and develop your skillset.

Our values ensure that everyone has the chance to grow – from their first day at adorsys and in the years ahead.  The following points will help you understand how we think and how we work. 

The colleagues you’re due to work with will be the same ones who interview you.  That way, we can ensure that you’re the right person for the job, regardless of whether there is a project you can work on right away.  Because you’re more than just a job title.  So be yourself everyday, with all your quirks and skills. 
No-one is perfect so don’t be afraid to fail.  That’s the way we learn and grow.  Your voice is just as important so use it, we expect you to speak up regularly.  Be one-of-a-kind.  It’s great if you love Norwegian Death Metal or prefer to have sunflowers growing in front of your desk.  There’s no reason why you can’t.  Be yourself.
A large part of our work may be technical, but there’s another important aspect – how we work together.  Unless you’re Rambo, you can’t work alone.  Get to know everyone around you, no-one is just a developer or just a project manager.  We’re all human, so understand who they are and what makes them tick.  That way, projects will become easier and the results will mean much more.
By respect we mean we’re conscious we’re not alone in the world.  We understand that people are different and we’re not only willing to accept them but also see value in their differences.
In today’s world, not only do we have to react to any change as fast and as measured as we possibly can, but we also have to create sufficient space where we can think, act and work easily and creatively.
Traditional hierarchies are dead, and we don’t want there to be any at adorsys.  We prefer to work with mentors, not commanders.  Those who are prepared to stand up and speak up, irrespective of their experience, are those who do well at adorsys.
We’ve always found that the best solutions are created when people have a good and passionate debate about an idea, not when they work for weeks on their own in silos.  Don’t be afraid to voice your opinion, and always be honest and respectful.
One of the biggest aspects of working at adorsys is that everyone is prepared to both teach and learn from others which means we share knowledge constantly.  And while we don’t expect you to hold someone’s hand, we do encourage you to mentor them.  Being both student and teacher has nothing to do with how long you’ve worked at adorsys – on the contrary.
By freedom we mean that you’re the master of your own destiny.  It’s down to you to find out how to approach a problem.  At first that may sound great, but there’s a catch – with freedom comes a lot of responsibility.  Perhaps life is easier when someone tells you what to do, but it’s also more boring because it stops you really getting to grips with your work and making progress.

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