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How can adorsys help to make banks compliance-ready right away?

For several months now, we have been working on solutions that enable the implementation of PSD2. The core of our work is the so-called XS2A API (Access to Account), which we have been implementing for some of our reference customers.

by René Pongratz

As the question turned more and more often to a solution that could also meet the first PSD2 milestone of March 2019, we expanded our PSD2 Accelerator which now include the “dynamic Sandbox.” In addition to the XS2A API, our Sandbox includes components that enable compliance with regulatory requirements. Existing systems do not have to be integrated. Our set contains everything you need for a self-sufficient service. To relieve banks even more, tour Sandbox is, of course, cloud-ready and can therefore be used outside of the bank’s own infrastructure.

How we differ from competitors

We can describe that in a few points: The PSD2 Team now consists of more than 30 employees – including former employees of UBS, Credit Suisse, and Consorsbank. So in addition to the pure development work of the PSD2 Team, we also provide professional input.

We’ve been working on the PSD2 topic for a long time in customer projects and have already achieved a lot. Because of that, we can now focus on additional added value. For example, a backend that behaves like a core banking system, thus allowing for a continuous work process without having to integrate the bank’s own core banking system. And this is not a vision of the future. Our modules are already completed, tested, and implemented by our customers.

Many banks are already using our Sandbox. Advantages and visions.

At present, most banks are almost entirely focused on fulfilling the compliance directive. Understandable, but what happens after March 14th? For Sandbox users, we want to make the transition to the use of their PSD2 investments as easy as possible: value-added services for your customers as well as API management. In addition, our Sandbox provides everything that is needed to support PSD2 live operations.

After the provision of the API interface (start March 14th), the run on customer interfaces started to become the real challenge. And banks that cannot provide suitable offerings will sooner or later lose importance for their customers.

With our solutions, we are already anticipating the time, in which not only the legal framework conditions, but also the use of technology becomes relevant for the customer.

So we do not just see ourselves as a technology provider. We also help banks find practical models to turn their investment in technology into business value.

No matter which plan you choose, the following always applies::

  • Simple integration
  • Open-source approach
  • Many years of experience
  • Emergency support for banks
  • NISP-member
  • Continuous development
  • Jump Start for all TPPs
  • VM and Docker ready
  • World-class support

You are not compliance-ready yet?

No worries, we will help you solve the PSD2 riddle. With our all-round SOS package, we get you ready within a few weeks.