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adorsys Announces New Global Delivery Centre in Timișoara, Romania

18. June. 2024 / Press Release / FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

Company leverages over 18 years of expertise to deliver top-tier technology solutions in the financial sector.

Timișoara, Romania — June 18, 2024 — adorsys, a leader in finance and technology solutions with over 18 years of experience, is proud to announce the opening of its new Global Delivery Centre in Timișoara, Romania. This expansion marks a significant milestone in adorsys’ commitment to international growth and its mission to provide exceptional service to its global clientele.

The Timișoara centre will operate with the highest standards that adorsys is renowned for, combining precision with cost-effective solutions tailored to meet the diverse needs of our clients. This strategic move enhances our ability to deliver innovative and reliable technology services while expanding our global footprint.

Key Services Offered:

  • Java, Python, and .NET Development: Expertise in building robust, scalable applications.
  • DevCloudOps: Seamless integration of development, cloud, and operations for enhanced efficiency.
  • Technical Application Management: Comprehensive management of complex IT applications.
  • Specialised Technologies: Advanced solutions in SharePoint, Cobol, and SAP, addressing niche market needs.

Timișoara, known for its vibrant tech ecosystem and skilled workforce, is the perfect location for our new delivery centre. This facility will play a crucial role in supporting our clients’ digital transformation journeys by providing access to a pool of highly qualified IT professionals, capable of executing projects with unparalleled excellence and agility.

Thilo Rottach, Managing Director with adorsys, stated: “We are thrilled to launch our new Global Delivery Centre in Romania. This expansion reflects our dedication to delivering world-class technology services and our commitment to better serve our customers worldwide. With the expertise and capabilities of our Romanian team, we are well-positioned to offer enhanced value and maintain the high standards of service that our clients expect from adorsys.”

adorsys’ new centre in Romania is a testament to our strategic vision of growth and excellence. We are confident that this expansion will further solidify our position as a trusted partner in the finance and technology sectors.

For more information about our services and the new Global Delivery Centre, please contact Lucian Mihaila at or visit

About adorsys:

adorsys are a premier provider of financial and technology solutions, delivering exceptional services for over 18 years. Specialising in a range of technologies from Java and Python to Information Management, A.I. and Rust, They are dedicated to driving digital innovation and operational excellence for its clients worldwide. Headquartered in Germany, adorsys continues to expand its global presence, maintaining a steadfast commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.


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